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Whaddya know, you don’t even have to leave the corner!

Invisible Hand, Les La Britanica, and Empress Hotel are playing a show at Trinity Irish Pub (and I use the term “Irish Pub” loosely and reluctantly) this Wednesday, February 23, at 9:00pm.  Admission is $7, but you know you regularly go to the corner and spend more than that for less rad shit.

Apparently Trinity is having music now?  This is weird to me because the only experience I’ve had at Trinity was terrible, and ended with me throwing a shot of whiskey on unsuspecting (but deserving) bar-goer.  So I don’t mean to advocate going to Trinity, BUT in this case you should.

Invisible Hand is a rock/pop band from Charlottesville, and it is definitely one of the best local bands we have.  And this isn’t one of those “It’s pretty good for Charlottesville” situation.  Invisible Hand is just fucking good, and you need to know who they are.  Incidentially, the singer’s name is Adam Smith.  GET IT, COLLEGE STUDENTS?!  You get to feel educated and get entertained with rad music at the same time.

Les La Britanica is an electronica group based out of Richmond Virginia.  I have never been to one of their shows before, but I listened to a couple of songs on their myspace and it made me want to dance.  What else do you really need from an electronica group?

Empress Hotel is another rock/pop group.  I don’t really know much about them, but they are from New Orleans.  Impressed? …Empressed even?  (I’m so sorry.)  Just listen to this song.

And come to the show.  I’m not even giving you UVA kids an excuse on this one.  It’s 10 minutes away from 90% of your apartments.


Far Off and All-Flame: Pushing Against the Real

This month at The Bridge PAI, Anthony Restivo will live at inside the gallery, eat only apples, sleep on an antique stretcher, and not speak for 22 days, and conduct interviews with YOU.  Yes, you.  For ART!  Come to the Bridge PAI at 209 Monticello Ave (across from Spudnuts) to become part of the art, and experience art in Charlottesville that isn’t created for the sole purpose of making you feel poor  (It’s free!  And I can guarantee that Mr. Restivo is poorer than you).

Opening Exhibition tomorrow, Friday, February 4 from 6-8pm

Closing Exhibition Saturday February 26 from 10pm onwards (DANCE PARTY)

Visitors are welcome to the gallery from sunrise to sunset until February 26.

Still confused as to what this is?  So is everyone else.  That’s why you have to go.  Check out the link to the Bridge’s website (above) and read this C-ville review, and get down to the gallery and talk about yourself (isn’t that what you want to do anyway?)

It’s ART!