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Stop studying, Dweeb!-TONIGHT: Let There Be Light

Tonight at PVCC, the annual outdoor show of light-centered and light inspired artwork, Let There Be Light.  There will even be a radio show, available only in a short range of the campus, where anyone can come in and tell their stories about FIRE.  Because we all have them, and they tend to be the most beautiful and the most humiliating.

It will be held from 6-9 pm, so it’s only three hours, makes a good study break and is so rad.  No excuse not to come.  (I have an exam tomorrow.  I am a student too.  No whining)  and it’s totally FREE.

Drive or take the number 23 bus out of the Downtown mall (free with UVA ID)

Savory snacks will also be provided, and while I don’t really know what that entails, it automatically guards against store-bought cupcakes, so I’m in.


Holiday Gifts @ The Bridge PAI

One downside to going to college in your hometown is that I can’t exactly surprise my relatives or my high school friends.  Charlottesville is a pretty small place, and anywhere I have been, they probably have been too.  This is particularly difficult for buying unique presents for the holidays, unless I resort to the Internet, which I often do, but no, I don’t feel good about it.

Anyway, The Bridge makes this a little easier by turning its gallery space into a holiday gift store every December.  Everything is made by local artisans (over 45 in total), so buying from the store supports them and automatically makes your presents more rad than your older sister’s.

The grand opening is tonight from 5-9pm, but I have already seen some of what they have.  Lots of handmade jewelry, screened t-shits, bags, hats, really beautiful (and useful) pottery, journals, photo albums, original art and a bunch of other stuff I haven’t even seen yet.  Most things are pretty reasonably priced, a lot lower than expected.  So you should probably check it out before the semester ends and you go back to your hometowns and have to buy presents for your family at the sames store where everyone shops.

The store is open from 11-9 every day up until Christmas Eve.

And again, the Bridge is located at 209 Monticello Road in Belmont, next to Spudnuts.

The Bridge


What It Is: The Bridge PAI (Progressive Arts Initiative) is a nonprofit arts organization located in Belmont at 209 Monticello Rd (across from Spudnuts.  You know where that is, right?)  But you can and should read all that on their website:

Why It’s Rad: On a superficial level, this place is rad because it hosts movie screenings, poetry readings, rock shows, art gallery openings and dance parties, usually for either a small donation or nothing at all.  The people who volunteer and frequent The Bridge are some of the better people I have ever met in Charlottesville.  They are motivated, doing things, interesting things that will make you wonder why you’re wasting your time at school  It’s a completely honest and real place that cares about what it’s doing.

On a community-building-touchy-feely level (which is sort of what I’m all about, deep down, other than mocking things), this is one of my favorite places in Charlottesville because it focuses so much on diversity and community.  While there are some local organizations that present themselves as “community-oriented” and as “bringing people together,” I find that a lot of our arts organizations basically consist of fancy rich Charlottesville people donating a lot of money to an organization mainly consisting of those same people, who then put on plays for, yet again, the fancy rich people.   Not that these organizations are exclusionary, but they certainly work to get people involved the way The Bridge does.  And if nothing else, you get to support an awesome organization while watching a rock show and drinking booze.

The point is, I am pumped about The Bridge PAI.  You should come and hang out, or hey, get an internship or something productive for your college career.