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Whaddya know, you don’t even have to leave the corner!

Invisible Hand, Les La Britanica, and Empress Hotel are playing a show at Trinity Irish Pub (and I use the term “Irish Pub” loosely and reluctantly) this Wednesday, February 23, at 9:00pm.  Admission is $7, but you know you regularly go to the corner and spend more than that for less rad shit.

Apparently Trinity is having music now?  This is weird to me because the only experience I’ve had at Trinity was terrible, and ended with me throwing a shot of whiskey on unsuspecting (but deserving) bar-goer.  So I don’t mean to advocate going to Trinity, BUT in this case you should.

Invisible Hand is a rock/pop band from Charlottesville, and it is definitely one of the best local bands we have.  And this isn’t one of those “It’s pretty good for Charlottesville” situation.  Invisible Hand is just fucking good, and you need to know who they are.  Incidentially, the singer’s name is Adam Smith.  GET IT, COLLEGE STUDENTS?!  You get to feel educated and get entertained with rad music at the same time.

Les La Britanica is an electronica group based out of Richmond Virginia.  I have never been to one of their shows before, but I listened to a couple of songs on their myspace and it made me want to dance.  What else do you really need from an electronica group?

Empress Hotel is another rock/pop group.  I don’t really know much about them, but they are from New Orleans.  Impressed? …Empressed even?  (I’m so sorry.)  Just listen to this song.

And come to the show.  I’m not even giving you UVA kids an excuse on this one.  It’s 10 minutes away from 90% of your apartments.


Last Minute: BIRDLIPS! Now Tonight! Plus Update

9pm, $7 $10

[Update: Somebody squealed to the fire marshal, so now tickets are $10, and they are limiting them to 40 tickets only.  Sort of a bummer.]

At the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar! (Post forthcoming), which is located on the downtown mall between 4th and 5th Street at 414 E. Main.

Birdlips is a group comprised of an adorable skinny couple who left Charlottesville for the West coast, but has come back to us, at least for the night on their East coast tour for their upcoming album (they always come back).  The music is catchy, but not too pop-y, and Birdlips produces a sound bigger than the sum of its two parts.

They are playing with Frau Eva and Matthew Hemmerlein.  I have only seen Matthew Hemmerlein play once, and it was pretty incredible.  He plays violin with a lot of loop techniques.  Pretty simplistic and unique.  Lots of Radiohead covers.  And this show is only SEVEN DOLLARS for three bands at a rad place.

The Bridge


What It Is: The Bridge PAI (Progressive Arts Initiative) is a nonprofit arts organization located in Belmont at 209 Monticello Rd (across from Spudnuts.  You know where that is, right?)  But you can and should read all that on their website:

Why It’s Rad: On a superficial level, this place is rad because it hosts movie screenings, poetry readings, rock shows, art gallery openings and dance parties, usually for either a small donation or nothing at all.  The people who volunteer and frequent The Bridge are some of the better people I have ever met in Charlottesville.  They are motivated, doing things, interesting things that will make you wonder why you’re wasting your time at school  It’s a completely honest and real place that cares about what it’s doing.

On a community-building-touchy-feely level (which is sort of what I’m all about, deep down, other than mocking things), this is one of my favorite places in Charlottesville because it focuses so much on diversity and community.  While there are some local organizations that present themselves as “community-oriented” and as “bringing people together,” I find that a lot of our arts organizations basically consist of fancy rich Charlottesville people donating a lot of money to an organization mainly consisting of those same people, who then put on plays for, yet again, the fancy rich people.   Not that these organizations are exclusionary, but they certainly work to get people involved the way The Bridge does.  And if nothing else, you get to support an awesome organization while watching a rock show and drinking booze.

The point is, I am pumped about The Bridge PAI.  You should come and hang out, or hey, get an internship or something productive for your college career.